Ukip on course for Scottish breakthrough as SNP continues to soar

Posted On: 
1st March 2016

Ukip is on course to win its first seats in the Scottish Parliament, according to a new poll.

The Survation survey for the Daily Mail shows the anti-EU party is set to win seven seats in the 129-member parliament in a clear sign that the forthcoming EU referendum is giving them a major boost north of the Border.

It also confirms that the SNP is set to win another healthy majority in May's Holyrood elections.



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Support for the Nationalists in the constituency vote section is an incredible 54%, up one point from the last poll by the company.

That gives the SNP a 33 point lead over Labour, whose support has slipped by one point, and puts them 38 points ahead of the Tories.

The SNP are on 43% in the proportional representation regional list section of the vote, well in front of Labour on 19% and the Conservatives on 14%.

A projection by gives the SNP 70 of the Parliament's 129 seats, with Labour on 21, the Tories on 16, the Greens on nine, Ukip on seven and the Lib Dems on six.

A Survation poll for the Daily Record last month also suggested that Ukip will win seven seats.

Ukip's only Scottish MEP, David Coburn, told PoliticsHome that his party was the only choice for Eurosceptic Scots.

He said: "There is no doubt that the EU referendum is having an impact on our support.

"Most polls show at least 30% support for Brexit in Scotland and at the moment they are completely unrepresented by modern Scottish politics.

"The only voice for Leave is Ukip, so the logical position if you believe in Brexit is to vote Ukip."


Elsewhere, the poll also shows that most Scots continue to oppose independence, with 53% backing the Union.