Momentum seeks to push left-wingers into key internal Labour positions

Posted On: 
8th February 2016

The Momentum group has identified supporting the election of left-wingers to Labour’s ruling body and pressing for the party to oppose Trident renewal as two of its priorities for the next three months. 

Momentum, which was set up as the successor organisation to Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership campaign, also wants to recruit 20,000 more members and hire eight full-time employees.

A document leaked to the Daily Telegraph sets out the goals of the group up to May.



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They are: 

  • Preventing “the right of the party” from obtaining seats on Labour’s National Executive Committee at the expense of those who “support the party’s leadership”;

  • Organising to support Labour candidates in the May elections;

  • Organising a march for more money to go into the NHS, rent controls, a “living wage for all”, and scrapping tuition fees;

  • Securing the election of delegates to Labour’s conference who are “firmly in support of the leadership” rather than the “minority wing” represented by Labour First;

  • Backing the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament in opposing Trident renewal;

  • And mobilising support for any Westminster by-elections which may occur.  


The document also showed the National Committee of the Momentum is considering accepting members who have been rejected by Labour and the group ruled that anyone caught making personal attacks will be expelled from the group.

“It has been pointed out that the Labour party may unreasonably proscribe organisations or exclude individuals from membership,” the document says.

“For this reason, it is proposed that the National Committee may decide by resolution to admit into membership any person whom it believes has been unfairly excluded from membership of the Labour party," it adds.

To become a member of Momentum, a supporter would also need to be a member of the Labour party.


Momentum sources said the ideas in the document would build “firm foundations” for the group.

But Labour MP Wes Streeting warned the group “increasingly looks, acts and sounds like the new Militant tendency in the Labour Party and that is not what we need.

“The priority for every Labour member in the next few months should be to ensure we win elections across London, England, Scotland and Wales and not more internecine factional warfare.”

Previously the deputy Labour leader Tom Watson branded Momentum “a bit of a rabble” and Labour MP Michael Dugher called them a “mob”.