George Galloway: Why I'm backing Brexit

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7th February 2016

George Galloway has said he wants Britain to leave the European Union so it is no longer "dictated to by other countries".

The left-wing firebrand and former MP said the UK should be able to decide for itself "how many immigrants we have, who we deport, what the levels of taxation are and what our foreign policy should be".

But he insisted he would be making a "left case" for Brexit, despite being on the same side of the EU debate as noted right-wingers like Nigel Farage, Peter Bone and Sir Bill Cash.



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He told the BBC's Sunday Politics: "I campaigned against breaking up Britain; I campaigned for a No vote in the Scottish referendum. That didn't mean I was with the Tories or the Orange Order. 

Mr Galloway, who is standing as the Respect party candidate to be London Mayor, said the EU is "built on neo-liberal economic principles which are iron-clad and unchangeable".

However, he argued people want to vote and only Brexit would deliver true democracy for British voters.

He said: "We want our people to choose our government and thus our direction. I'd rather take my chance with changing things in Britain than waiting for change in Bulgaria or in Poland or in Germany.

"The people of Greece were crushed underfoot by this neo-liberal consensus on which the EU and its main institutions are built.

"Portugal actually elected a majority of left-wing MPs and the president of Portugal was told by the European Union 'you mustn't summon these people to your palace and ask them to form a government'.

Mr Galloway added: "This is unconscionable. I don't want us to suffer the same fate as them."