Britons do not trust Jeremy Corbyn on national security - poll

Posted On: 
28th December 2015

More than seven in ten Britons do not trust Jeremy Corbyn with Britain’s national security, according to a new poll.

An ORB survey for the Independent found that only 29% agreed with the statement: ‘I trust Jeremy Corbyn to safeguard Britain’s national security’, compared to 54% who trusted David Cameron on the same issue.

Yesterday, two leading local election experts forecast that Labour could lose control of six councils next May, with some 200 of its 1,200 seats under threat.



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Colin Rallings and Michael Thrasher wrote in the Sunday Times that their analysis of local election results in recent months showed Labour in line for “substantial losses”.

“If the change next May is as suggested by current figures, Labour may lose more than 200 of the 1,200 or so seats it will defend,” they wrote.

“Eight months on from the general election there is little sign that Labour is recovering the support it lost when the party slumped to its heaviest defeat for nearly 30 years.”

Their analysis suggests that the Tories are on 32% at a local level, Labour is on 31%, the Liberal Democrats on 16% and Ukip on 12%.