Mark Clarke: Four senior Tories approved 'Road Trip' campaign

Posted On: 
24th November 2015

Four senior Conservatives signed off on the decision to hand activist Mark Clarke a key election role within the party, according to reports today.

Grant Shapps

Mr Clarke was expelled from the Tories last week amid allegations of bullying and blackmail – allegations which he denies.

He ran the ‘Road Trip 2015’ campaign during the election, which bussed young activists to marginal seats.

BBC Newsnight and The Times both claim today that the decision to work with ‘Road Trip 2015’ was agreed at a CCHQ meeting of election strategy Lynton Crosby, co-chairmen Grant Shapps and Lord Feldman, and deputy chairman Stephen Gilbert.

Newsnight claims it was Mr Shapps who recommended bringing in Mr Clarke.

Mr Shapps reportedly saw a 2010 report on Mr Clarke's conduct, but a source close to the Tory MP said he had not been aware of the most serious allegations.

The source told The Times: “Everyone knew he had been a difficult candidate. But that’s very different from blackmailing and bullying.”