Clive Lewis: 'Moderate' Labour MPs are the extremists

Posted On: 
12th November 2015

So-called ‘moderate’ Labour MP’s are the real “extremists within the party,” a supporter of Jeremy Corbyn has said.

Mr Corbyn is often painted as representing the far left of the party, while centrist MPs are described as ‘moderates’ by the media.

But Labour MP Clive Lewis said those who do not back the new leader should be named “malcontents” or “destabilising elements”.



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“When you look at the overwhelming mandate Corbyn has, I don’t think his opponents within the party are the moderates,” he told Buzzfeed News.

Mr Lewis said the minority of the party membership that voted for Liz Kendall could be labelled extremists just as Mr Corbyn and his allies once had been

“If they are the 4.5% then they are the extremists within the party,” he said.

He added: “They are the right of the party. Jeremy Corbyn and the socialist campaign group used to be called rebels – so why not call them rebels?”