Vote Leave seeks probe into pro-EU poll by CBI

Posted On: 
2nd November 2015

The campaign for Britain to leave the European Union has called for an investigation into a CBI poll which it says “misled” the public about businesses’ views on the EU.

A YouGov survey for the business group, conducted in 2013, found that some eight out of ten of UK companies wanted to remain inside the EU.

But Vote Leave, which is pushing for an Out vote in the upcoming referendum, claims the sample used was “wholly unrepresentative” of UK businesses as a whole, with smaller firms sidelined.

In a letter to the British Polling Council urging them to look into the survey, as reported by The Times, Vote Leave claims it “caused the public to be misled about the views of British businesses on the EU for nearly two years”.

It is claimed that the CBI chose which businesses were polled.

“These facts are capable of giving rise to the inference that the CBI was allowed to select which of its members were surveyed in order to further the CBI leadership’s longstanding pro-EU stance,” Vote Leave’s letter ends.

Vote Leave’s Robert Oxley added on the CBI: “They skewed their polling 15 years ago and they’ve done the same thing today. They were wrong then and they are wrong now.”

Elsewhere, the Financial Times reports that Sir Michael Hintze, a hedge fund tycoon and major donor to the Conservative party, is “close to” making a large donation to the anti-EU cause.