Britain and China to forge 'golden decade', says George Osborne

Posted On: 
22nd September 2015

George Osborne will today vow to "make Britain China's best partner in the West" as he continues his charm offensive in the country.

The Chancellor will say the two countries will create "a golden decade" of prosperity for their citizens by continuing to work together in the future.

His comments, at the Shanghai Stock Exchange, come just a day after it was announced that Chinese firms will help fund a new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point.

Mr Osborne will say: "I very deliberately chose to come here, to the epicentre of the volatility in financial markets this summer, to say this: whatever the headlines, regardless of the challenges, we shouldn’t be running away from China.

"And so today my message is clear: through the ups and downs, let’s stick together.

"Let’s stick together to grow our economies. Let’s stick together and make Britain China’s best partner in the West. Let’s stick together and create a golden decade for both of our countries.

"Britain and China: we’ll stick together."

The Chancellor will also announce a landmark feasibility study into connecting the UK and Chinese stock markets.

He will say that a deal could help Chinese companies access international finance as well as creating more global opportunities for UK and Chinese investors.