SNP could win every seat in Scotland - poll

Posted On: 
29th April 2015

The SNP could sweep the board in Scotland and win all 59 seats north of the border, according to a new poll that makes worrying reading for Labour. 

As well as suggesting an SNP landslide, the STV survey also found that Ed Miliband's party are now just three points ahead of the Conservatives in Scotland.

The poll found that 54% of Scots plan to vote for the nationalists, with Labour down four points to trail on just 20%. 



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Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson may be heartened to see her party have picked up five points to reach 17%, while the Liberal Democrats are languishing on just 5%.

The poll also found that the perceived disaffection with politics is not shared north of the border, with 80% of respondents saying the planned to vote. Although this is a lower total than the 85% who voted in the independence referendum, it is signficantly higher than the 64% of Scots who voted in the 2010 general election.