David Cameron on Tory campaign: It's the economy, the economy, the economy

Posted On: 
27th April 2015

David Cameron has pledged to focus on “the economy, the economy, the economy” for the final week-and-a-half before voters go to the polls, after criticism of the Conservative campaign. 

Two Tory donors yesterday went public with criticism of the Tory message, with one saying the Prime Minister had shown a “curious lack of energy and belief”.

Peter Hall, who has given the Tories more than £100,000 since 2010, later retracted his comments but Mr Cameron described the criticism as “maddening”.



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On ITV’s Lorraine programme, the Conservative leader said accusations that he was failing to show enough passion were “frustrating”.

“It’s the most maddening thing because I’m so passionate about what I do,” he said.

“I’m very passionate about what we’ve done for the last five years. We inherited a mess and I really feel we turned things around and I want to turn that performance into things that will really help people in their lives.

“So of course it’s frustrating when you read that stuff, but it just redoubles my desire to get out there and tell it like it is, which is what I was doing yesterday and I’m talking to lots of small businesses and entrepreneurs today – the backbone of the country, the people who are really making this economy tick – and that’s what I’ve got to do in the next ten days.”

Mr Cameron is launching the Tories’ small business manifesto today, and he confirmed that the Conservatives would hold a relentless focus on the economy until next Thursday’s polling day.

He said: “It’s the economy, the economy, the economy. In the end, a strong and growing economy, that’s what provides the jobs, that’s what gives us the pay packet at the end of the month, that’s what provides the good school we’re going to send our child to, that provides the hospital bed when we’re sick.

“Safeguarding and expanding our economy, which has come so far over these last five years, that is what it’s all about.”