Natalie Bennett launches Green election campaign poster

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13th April 2015

Green Party leader Natalie Bennett unveiled a national campaign poster this morning urging people to “vote for the common good”.

Ms Bennett launched the poster in Brighton Pavilion, where the party had its only MP, Caroline Lucas, who hopes to be re-elected on 7 May.

"This country desperately needs bold changes to take us away from business-as-usual politics," Ms Bennett said.



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“Our message is clear: don’t vote for second best, vote for what you believe in.... A Green vote at this election is one for an economy that works for everyone – where multinational companies and rich individuals pay their fair share and wages are enough to build a life on."

Ms Bennett argued a Green vote was also a vote for an NHS "run for all of us," and for "real action" on climate change.

The poster suggests reasons to vote for the Green Party, such as “because the planet can’t”; to put people “into half a million affordable homes”; and to vote against Ukip.

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April 13, 2015


Meanwhile, Ed Miliband told an audience at the launch of Labour's election manifesto that the Conservatives' failure to cost a number of their policies was "making the Green party look fiscally credible".