Alex Salmond will 'call the tune' to Ed Miliband, says Conservative campaign video

Posted On: 
22nd March 2015

The Conservative party has released an election campaign video showing Ed Miliband dancing as Alex Salmond plays a penny whistle.  

The video suggests the former SNP leader will be able to “call the tune” once SNP seats won in Scotland have helped Ed Miliband into power.

It uses heavy shadow and dull colours to paint Mr Salmond as a sinister character as he packs his suitcase and travels to Westminster.

A taxi driver looks nervous as Mr Salmond travels in his cab, and guards at Westminster appear to eye him with shock.



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Once in Parliament, he is shown playing a penny whistle while Ed Miliband dances puppet-like beside him, before the words “to stop this? Vote Conservative” appear on screen.

A voice-over says: “You may have thought that after his defeat in the Scottish referendum, Alex Salmond would have packed it in. Oh no. He has set his sights on a bigger prize.

“By standing for the constituency of Gordon he intends to take a seat at Westminster. And with the SNP seats won from Labour in his grasp, put Mr Miliband into power and then call the tune.”

A description for the video reads: “A deal with the SNP now seems to be Ed Miliband's only route to power. That would mean Alex Salmond propping up the weak Labour leader, and - in Mr Salmond's own words - able to 'call the tune'. Share this film to let friends know that a Labour-SNP deal would mean chaos for Britain.”

Watch the video below.