Khan slams Grayling over lost MoJ files

Posted On: 
29th January 2015

The loss of three discs of data on information from three of the UK’s most sensitive inquiries is an “appalling lapse in security,” the Shadow Justice Secretary has said.

Material relating to inquiries into the deaths of Mark Duggan, Robert Hamill and Azelle Rodney have been lost in the post, the Ministry of Justice has confirmed.

Sadiq Khan said Justice Secretary Chris Grayling needed to “get an urgent grip on this situation” and set out plans to find the data.

One member of staff has been suspended from the MoJ over the issue.

The Government said in a statement that it takes information security “extremely seriously” and it has carried out “extensive searches” with the help of the police. No malicious intent is believed to have been involved in the incident.

The news comes as figures were revealled today that Mr Khan has gained significant ground in the race to become Labour's candidate for Mayor of London.

Only former culture secretary Tessa Jowell now has more backing amongst Labour supporters, a new YouGov poll reveals.

The poll puts Dame Tessa on 26% - the same level as recorded over the New Year.

Mr Khan is now on 19%, having seen his support jump up from 11% in recent weeks.

Margaret Hodge came in third, with David Lammy fourth in the poll and Diane Abbott in fifth.