Labour MP Clive Lewis faces probe over four-letter outburst

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2nd December 2015

A Labour MP is facing a disciplinary probe over claims he launched a foul-mouthed rant at a colleague.

Clive Lewis is accused of shouting "f*** you" at fellow Labour MP John Woodcock as the pair clashed over Syria.

Barrow MP John Woodcock has lodged a formal complaint with Labour chief whip Rosie Winterton, who is in charge of the party's disciplinary procedures.



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It is understood that Mr Woodcock, who backs bombing Isil targets in Raqqa, had been angered by comments the anti-war Mr Lewis made to the BBC yesterday.

The Norwich South MP said of those voting for military action: "on their heads be it".

He added: "Ultimately, if the war in Syria extends as a conflagration, there are more terrorist atrocities and the war extends with no end, then we will obviously be looking at who voted for this, and when the blame is apportioned, step forward."

It is understood that Mr Woodcock approached Mr Lewis in Portcullis House to discuss his remarks.

An eyewitness said: "Clive said that those who shout and scream at Jeremy Corbyn at PLP meetings were a disgrace.

"It ended with him shouting 'You want to start this, I'll finish it: f*** you."

A source close to Mr Woodcock said: "John won't be intimidated."

A Labour Party spokeswoman said: "We cannot comment on individual complaints, but all Labour members and representatives are expected to uphold the highest standard of conduct at all times.”