Momentum to officially debate Labour party membership

Posted On: 
20th December 2015

A controversial campaign group accused of bullying tactics is to debate officially joining the Labour party as part of its first national meeting next month.

Momentum, which formed in the wake of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership victory, has called its first “national committee” meeting in January, when up to 60 members will agree a new leadership team, membership fees, and official links with a host of trade unions – including those not linked to Labour.

The committee is also set up to consider joining the Labour party as a “socialist society” like the Fabian Society and the National Union of Labour and Socialist clubs.


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This could put Momentum on the National Executive Committee, further strengthening its grip on the party.

Momentum’s membership of the Labour party is likely to send chills down the spines of some MPs, who have called on Mr Corbyn to reign in some of his activists. The group has been accused of threatening to de-select MPs it does not consider left-wing enough.

Teesside MP Tom Blenkinsop and Stockton North MP Alex Cunningham have both complained of threats of violence from left-wing activists.