'Voters are bastards': London mayoral candidate Sadiq Khan

Posted On: 
21st May 2015

Labour MP Sadiq Khan branded voters "bastards" as the scale of Labour's defeat became clear in the early hours of 8 May, it has emerged.

The MP for Tooting, who was Ed Miliband's Shadow Justice Secretary, blamed the public for deserting Labour during an off-the-cuff speech to local party members in Battersea.



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Local Labour councillor Iain Simpson posted the MP's remark – "voters are bastards" – on Facebook, commenting: "Not entirely sure that’s the right conclusion."

But a spokesman for Mr Khan, who is one of Labour's candidates to be the next Mayor of London, told the Sun that the MP had been speaking in the heat of the moment, adding: "He knows very well that the voters are always right."