Len McCluskey denies Labour-union tie-sever

Posted On: 
18th May 2015

Unite union boss Len McCluskey has today written off a mooted break of the historic Labour-trade union link as "daft". 

The leader of the 1.4 million-strong union said the idea it  was considering disaffiliating from the Labour party was "nonsense" media speculation. 

Mr McCluskey yesterday said the party needed to prove it was the “voice of organised labour” or else the “pressure will grow” for Unite to rethink its affiliation. 

However, speaking on BBC Radio Four's World at One, Mr McCluskey u-turned on the idea of breaking away from Labour. 

"Some of the stuff the media writes is frankly daft.

"This idea that we're considering disaffiliating from the Labour Party is nonsense, we're not considering that at all."


The news came as acting Labour leader Harriet Harman said the union vote would not dictate the next leader. 

"The winner of this election is not going to be the choice of the unions or any single section or faction of the Labour Party. He or she is going to be choice of the Labour Party.", she said. 


The Conservatives were quick to round on the developments, with Leader of the House Chris Grayling saying that the Unite boss called the plays on Labour party affairs. 

"All this infighting shows is that the single person with the greatest influence over the Labour Party is Len McCluskey.

"Whoever wins the contest to succeed Ed Miliband, it will be the union bosses who will hold the purse strings and pick the policies. It’s the same old Labour - run for the benefit of trade unions, not for working people."

Unite gave the Labour party £3.5 million to finance Ed Miliband's crushing general election defeat which left the party 99 seats behind the Conservatives.