Vince Cable rules out standing as MP

Posted On: 
13th May 2015

Vince Cable has ruled out standing once more to become an MP following his shock election loss last week.

Dr Cable, who was one of several high-profile Liberal Democrats to lose their seat in a disastrous night for the party, told the Richmond and Twickenham Times he had a “good innings as a local MP” and there were party activists “perfectly capable of performing the role”.



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The former party leader also attributed the “politics of fear” as central to the Conservatives sealing a 12 seat majority at last week’s election, following their “endless barrage” of warnings about the implications of Labour working with the SNP in government.

The former Twickenham MP told the paper: “I am naturally very disappointed and not specifically for myself because most of my parliamentary colleagues were defeated as well.

“The fundamental reason for that was a politics of fear – people were told in this endless barrage of target mail and telephone calls that if they didn’t vote Conservative, we were going to get Ed Miliband and the SNP.

“Large numbers of people were persuaded by that message, that is the crux of it,” he added.

Dr Cable, who now plans to write a sequel to his book on the financial crisis, 'The Storm', predicted the Lib Dems would “bounce back” nationally following a swing against the Tories over the coming years.

This recovery for the party, he suggests, would stem from the government proving to be “extremely unpopular very quickly”.