I've had an excellent campaign, Natalie Bennett insists

Posted On: 
30th April 2015

Natalie Bennett has defended her performance as Green Party leader, insisting she has had an "excellent" election campaign.

Ms Bennett has faced criticism over her grasp of the detail of the Greens' policy platform, and memorably blamed a "brain fade" for her failure to explain the party's housing policy during one LBC radio interview in February.

But speaking this morning, Ms Bennett insisted she had been a success as leader and indicated she would seek to stay in charge after 7 May.

“I think I’ve had an excellent campaign. I’ve really enjoyed it, and I’ve really enjoyed getting the message of the Green Party policy set by the now more than 61,000 members, and looking forward to an absolutely record result on 7 May," she told the Today programme.

“Like everybody, I’d like a long sleep [after the election] and then I’ll get on to building the Green surge even further.”



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The Green Party leader is standing for election in the safe Labour seat of Holborn and St Pancras against former Director of Public Prosecutions Keir Starmer, and as such is unlikely to become an MP next week.

Caroline Lucas, however – the Greens' former leader and their only current MP – is the favourite to win her own local contest in Brighton Pavilion, with a Lord Ashcroft poll last December giving her a 10-point lead over Labour challenger Purna Sen.

One Evening Standard poll last month revealed that a majority of Londoners thought Ms Lucas would be better suited than Ms Bennett to represent the Greens in the televised leaders' debates.