Natalie Bennett sorry over 'excruciating' interview

Posted On: 
24th February 2015

Natalie Bennett has apologised to Green party members over what she called an “absolutely excruciating” radio interview this morning.

On the day of the Greens' election campaign launch, the party leader
was quizzed by LBC and appeared unsure about the cost of the plan to build 500,000 new social rental homes.

She was also unable to answer how much money would be raised by ending tax relief on mortgage interest for private landlords – one of the ways the Greens intend to pay for the policy.

Speaking later at a press conference to launch the party’s election campaign, Ms Bennett admitted it was “absolutely excruciating in the studio”. “Occasionally one has a mind blank,” she added. 

On the BBC Daily Politics she issued an apology to party members, admitting she had not done "any kind of job" of presenting the policies.

"I had a very bad interview on housing this morning, I’m very happy to confess that and I’m very sorry to the Green party members who I didn’t do a good job, any kind of job of presenting our policies on," she said. 

The LBC interview
followed an earlier Today programme grillingin which the Green party leader warned that the West must make concessions to Russia to end the current stand-off over Ukraine.

Ms Bennett said Britain needed to move away from “Cold War thinking” and understand that Russian president Vladimir Putin “has to walk away with something”.

“What we need to do is put diplomatic pressure on Russia, put economic pressure on Russia, but we also have to understand that if we’re negotiating with Russia it’s really important not to take what you might call the Versailles approach, to understand that President Putin has to walk away with something – things that we might not necessarily like,” she said.

“So we have to stand up for international law, for human rights, but we also have to acknowledge that we’re living in the real world.”

You can listen to Natalie Bennett's interview with LBC here.