Ukip seeks 'progressive coalition' for electoral reform

Posted On: 
1st March 2015

Ukip should lead a “progressive coalition” in Westminster to fight for electoral reform, Douglas Carswell has argued, as he ruled himself out as a future leader of the party. 

The party’s first elected MP made the case for an alliance across the political spectrum – including the Liberal Democrats – to bring about fundamental reforms of the voting system.

The Clacton MP suggested multi-member seats as one alternative to the current system, which he said was designed for a “Tweedledee versus Tweedledum contest”.

“Ukip needs to be not too prescriptive, we need to build a progressive coalition who want real reform, and that is going to mean reaching out to people right across the spectrum. If there are many Lib Dems who want change on it, we would work even with them,”
he told Sky’s Murnaghan programme.

He also categorically ruled himself out of leading the party if Nigel Farage were to stand down, saying “it would be bad for me and it would be bad for the party and it would be bad for politics too”.