Theresa May to relaunch failed Troubled Families Programme

Posted On: 
17th February 2017

Theresa May is set to relaunch the struggling Troubled Families Programme despite limited evidence of its effectiveness.

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The £1.3bn scheme was launched under David Cameron but an official analysis showed it had had little impact.

The Times reports that instead of being shut down, a rebooted version of the programme will be part of Mrs May's social justice green paper later this year. 

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It is seen as one element of showing that her leadership will not be defined by the Government's negotiations to exit the EU.

“We are going to reboot the troubled families programme. We think it did a lot of good work and some of the criticism it got was unfair. Lots of people presumed it was going away but it will be improved," a government source told the paper.

“There is a delivery infrastructure there, so what do you do? Do you get rid of it or do you make it better? The troubled families programme is alive and kicking.”

Some of the changes apparently being considered are targeting more help at the most vulnerable families and ensuring a better feedback system to make sure the scheme is effective.