Vote Leave offer football fans £50m for predicting every European Championship result

Posted On: 
27th May 2016

Vote Leave are offering football fans £50m if they can correctly predict the outcome of every game in the upcoming European Championships.

Tottenham Hotspur and England striker Harry Kane celebrates scoring against Turkey

The competition is designed to engage an audience who may not be particularly interested in the EU referendum debate, with the amount on offer designed to reflect the UK’s gross daily contributions to the EU budget.

The massive cash prize is available to any registered voter, although the odds of anyone winning are minute.

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The Brexit campaigners are, however, offering a guaranteed £50,000 prize to whoever gets the most correct results in a row.

Entrants do not need to get the precise score of the game, but have to say who will win or whether the game will end in a draw.

Would-be millionaires can sign up online at a dedicated website,

Vote Leave’s campaign director Dominic Cummings said the Out campaign had been forced to “innovate” to level the playing field with a well-funded Remain campaign.

“We want as many people as possible to know that we are sending life-changing sums to the EU every single day so we’re giving them a chance to win it. It’s a bigger prize than any one person has ever won on the national lottery.”