MPs call for an end to the ‘British broadband rip-off’

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16th April 2016

A cross-party group of 50 MPs has said that advertising from broadband providers is misleading and should be changed.

MPs described current claims by broadband providers as a "scandal"
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Current guidelines allow internet providers to boast of a broadband speed that only 10% of their customers experience.

MPs from the British Infrastructure Group (BIG) said that Broadband advertising is the largest "miss-selling scandal" since PPI. BIG said customers should be able to demand compensation and cancel contracts when sold inaccurate browsing speeds.

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Grant Shapps, the Tory MP who leads BIG, said on Friday: “It’s a scandal that official watchdog rules allow Internet Service Providers to claim download speeds which only 1 in 10 of their customers actually receive.”

He added: “Given that a decent broadband connection is viewed as the fourth utility by many British families, this overcharging and under-delivery is a scandal every bit as big as PPI miss-selling and the VW Exhaust emission scandal.”

Ed Vaizey, the culture minister, previously said that the broadband guidelines are a “complete and utter joke”.

The Advertising Standards Authority said in a statement: ”Our position on broadband speed claims in ads is based on extensive work undertaken in recent years, including a full public consultation on new guidance.”