Corbyn's women-only train carriages idea 'scrapped'

Posted On: 
9th November 2015

Jeremy Corbyn's proposal for women-only train carriages to reduce assaults has apparently been scrapped by Labour.

During his party leadership campaign, Mr Corbyn drew criticism after he floated the idea that some train and tube carriages could become gender segregated after 10pm to help address the growing issue. 

He said he would “consult with women and open it up to hear their views on whether women-only carriages would be welcome”.

But Shadow Transport Secretary Lilian Greenwood told the Telegraph she was “not convinced” the idea was “the best way or a practical way” to stop harassment on trains.

Another Labour transport source apparently branded the idea “barmy” and argued it would be unenforceable.

A spokesperson for the Labour leader said he remains behind the idea but there were no plans to consult on it.

Incidents ranging from wolf-whistling to sexual assault on the tube and train network had risen more than 32% to record levels last year, according to figures released earlier this year.