Theresa May confirms Crown dependencies will take part in Brexit talks

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30th July 2016

Theresa May has written to Britain's Crown dependencies to assure them they will play a part in negotiations to leave the EU.

Prime Minister Theresa May
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The Prime Minister said it was right for Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man to contribute to Brexit talks where “appropriate” - despite their not being in part of the bloc.

Mrs May said she appreciated the islands' belief they would be “best served” by existing arrangements, which have a knock-on effect on their trade with the union.

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And she added: "I also note the particular relevance of the grandfathering of rights of EU nationals that reside in your jurisdictions.”

The islands had requested to be consulted on Britain's exit negotiations after it voted to quit the bloc in June.

Guernsey States' President, Gavin St Pier, said Mrs May's letter was "very welcome”.

"I am grateful for the reassurance that Guernsey's interests are well known and understood, but also that we will be engaged and involved in the process, rather than merely consulted," he said.

Chief minister of Jersey Ian Gorst said he was "very pleased to receive this assurance".