Frances O'Grady: Brexit will hit investment, trade and wages

Posted On: 
1st June 2016

Speaking to the Today programme, TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady said workers would suffer if the UK left the European Union.

“We based our report on projections from respected organisations, economic forecasting organisations looking at the long run. But we’ve gone further than that and looked at the impact on wages and what we found was that workers on average could be £38 a week worse off in the long run.

“The key issue here is the impact that a Brexit would have on investment, trade and jobs. And it’s not just those projections; we’re listening to the factory floor, our union representatives in companies like BMW, Airbus, Siemens are telling us that this would impact on our order books, on investment, and ultimately on jobs. And I don’t think anybody wants to see good, well-paid jobs in the car industry replaced by the likes of zero-hour...