RMT boss Mick Cash: EU does not work for ordinary people

Posted On: 
1st June 2016

RMT union boss Mick Cash told the Today programme he was backing Brexit because the European Union was not “working for ordinary people”.

“The EU has been pursuing austerity policies, privatisation, deregulation, and social dumping on a massive scale and what we’re seeing is a race to the bottom for workers...

“The EU have overseen a situation where workers have seen their wages cut and trade unions have been stopped from taking industrial action, for example, preventing that. And this is because of the way free movement is used in the EU.

“But the big debate here, by the way – and what worries me about the debate about Europe is that everything’s about ‘we’d be worse off if we leave’, not better off if we stay in. And the reality is that we as a trade union have opposed being members of the EU since 1979 because we don’t think workers are...