WATCH Jeremy Corbyn call for Nato to 'give up, go home and go away'

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20th August 2016

Jeremy Corbyn called for Nato to "give up, go home and go away" just two years ago, it has emerged.

Jeremy Corbyn's views on Nato have sparked uproar
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He also dubbed the nuclear alliance "an engine for the delivery of oil to the oil companies" in a speech made before he became Labour leader.

The footage, from a rally in Newport, was uncovered by the Telegraph.

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Mr Corbyn is seen to say: “1990 should have been the time for Nato to shut up shop, give up, go home and go away. Why don’t we turn it around, and close down Nato?”



The video emerged just two days after Mr Corbyn sparked controversy by refusing to say whether Britain should come to the aid of a Nato ally invaded by Russia.

Speaking at a Labour leadership hustings in Solihull on Thursday, Mr Corbyn said: “I would want to avoid us getting involved militarily by building up the diplomatic relationships and not isolate any country in Europe.

“I don't wish to go to war, what I want to do is achieve a world where we don't need to go to war, where there is no need for it - that can be done.”

But Labour peer Lord West, the former head of the Royal Navy, told Politics Home yesterday that the Labour leader’s “extraordinary” comments showed a "complete lack of understanding" for the role played by Nato.

"We belong to an alliance, but he stood up and told our allies 'I'm not necessarily sure that we'll come to help you'. I find it quite extraordinary that he's saying that."

Writing for PoliticsHome today, Labour MP Jamie Reed - a member of the UK delegation to the Nato Parliamentary Assembly - accused Mr Corbyn of trying to "humiliate and divide" his party.

He said: "It’s time for Jeremy to take his own advice. He should give up, go home and go away."