Theresa May's closest advisers mocked Donald Trump on Twitter

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11th November 2016

Theresa May's two closest advisers mocked Donald Trump's bid to become US president, it has emerged.

Theresa May is keen to have a close working relationship with Donald Trump
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Fiona Hill and Nick Timothy, the Prime Minister's joint-chiefs of staff, used their Twitter accounts to pour scorn on the Republican hopeful.

Mrs Hill described Mr Trump as a "chump", while Mr Timothy simply wrote "urgh" at the suggestion that the Conservatives should reach out to the controversial billionaire.

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The revelations are embarrassing for Mrs May as she tries to forge a close relationship with the president-elect.

She was among the first world leaders to congratulate Mr Trump following his stunning victory over Hillary Clinton, and followed that up with a letter saying she looked forward to "working with him to build on the enduring and special relationship between our two countries".









Both Mrs Hill and Mr Timothy were special advisers to Mrs May when she was Home Secretary and are hugely influential within Number 10.

The Prime Minister finally spoke to Mr Trump for the first time yesterday afternoon, but only after he had help talks with the leaders of nine other countries, including Egypt, Australia, Turkey and Ireland.

Mr Trump told her the UK was "a very, very special place for me and for our country" and invited the Prime Minister to visit him in America soon.