Jeremy Corbyn as unpopular as Donald Trump with British voters - poll

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27th March 2017

Jeremy Corbyn is as unpopular with British voters as Donald Trump, according to a new poll.

Donald Trump and Jeremy Corbyn are unpopular with British voters.
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The survey by pollsters GfK found that just 17% of adults approve of the job Mr Corbyn is doing as Labour leader, with 58% saying they do not.

That is compared to 18% of UK voters who support President Trump's performance since he entered the White House in January, with a total of 60% saying they do not approve of the job he has done so far.

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By contrast, the poll of 1,938 adults found that Theresa May's honeymoon as Prime Minister appears to be continuing, with 46% saying the approve of her performance and 33% saying they do not.

Overall, the poll put support for the Conservatives at 41%, with Labour on 28%, Ukip on 12%, the Lib Dems on 7% and the Greens on 6%.

GfK research director Keiran Pedley said: "Whilst Donald Trump’s approval rating among British adults will be the least of the president’s worries following his healthcare struggles last week, it will be of great concern to Labour supporters that Jeremy Corbyn’s approval rating among Brits is no better.

"With Theresa May clearly more popular than the Government as a whole and the Conservatives significantly ahead in the polls, it looks like Labour is a long way from power."


​Elsewhere, the poll found support for Brexit still outstrips backing for staying in the EU, with 46% backing the Brexit vote and 41% saying it was the wrong decision.

The survey also revealed a major generational gap, with 18 to 24-year-olds more likely to think Brexit was the wrong decision, while the majority of those aged 65 and over supporting it.

Mr Pedley said: "As the Prime Minister prepares to invoke Article 50 this week, there is little sign of mass Brexit regret among British voters.

"However, given that 13% are undecided and expectations for Brexit are very high among Leave voters, the Prime Minister is under a lot of pressure to deliver the right deal. 

"It will also be interesting to see whether pro-European sentiment among younger voters is lasting or merely a sign of youth that will change over time."