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Policy Connect

32-36 Loman Street
United Kingdom020 7202

Who we are

We are the not-for-profit organisation with two decades in policy work, overseeing the research and delivery of more than 50 key publications. We have a long history of success in running engaging forums, commissions and All-Party Parliamentary Groups.

What we do

Policy Connect brings together parliamentarians with public and private organisations to tackle big issues across a range of sectors affected by policy. We deliver key pieces of policy-led independent research with evidence-based recommendations to inform and improve UK public policy.

By getting involved our partners can better understand their market demands and encourage Government to focus on critical areas with an informed approach.

All of the above is delivered by the dedicated teams at Policy Connect who are passionately involved in policy work, and experts in their area of inquiry.

To find out more, please visit our website and follow us on Twitter.