Jeremy Corbyn Q&A after pro-EU speech

Posted On: 
14th April 2016

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn told reporters in London he did not believe too many EU citizens had come to work in Britain.               

“No I don’t think too many have come, I think that the issue has to be of wages and regulations, which I included in my speech. And it’s employers that try to undercut industry-wide agreements in the construction industry and others that are the problem. Hence the agency workers issue that I raised in my speech, as well as minimum wages raised in my speech – there has to be a case for a minimum wage tied the cost of living all across the continent. There’s nothing wrong with people migrating to work around the continent, but there has to be a level playing field on pay and conditions. What we have is unscrupulous employers doing that.

“Yes I’ve been critical of many things within the European Union. I think you will ...