Jeremy Corbyn and Alan Johnson set for EU campaign appearance

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10th May 2016

Jeremy Corbyn will make his second major intervention in the EU referendum debate today.

Jeremy Corbyn will highlight the importance of Labour voters in the fight to remain in the EU
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Mr Corbyn is expected to set out how the Labour voters are vital if the Remain side is to secure a majority in June’s referendum.

He will appear alongside Alan Johnson, the chairman of the Labour In for Britain campaign, and Shadow Cabinet member Gloria De Piero at an event this morning.

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They are also launching a campaign bus that will travel across the UK to make the case against Brexit.

“Labour believes in standing up for working people whose jobs and communities depend on trade with Europe,” said former home secretary Mr Johnson.

“Labour believes in standing up for the rights of everyone to be treated fairly at work – and for the rights at work that are guaranteed by our membership of the EU.

“And we believe in Britain taking a leading role in tackling the issues too big for any one country to solve alone, whether that’s climate change, global poverty, tax avoidance or cross-border crime.

“Labour is united in campaigning for Britain to remain in Europe. That’s because Labour values are at the heart of this campaign – and that’s the message we’ll be taking to Labour voters across the country over the next six weeks.”

The Labour leader, who has been fiercely critical of the EU over the decades, has so far given one major speech setting out the reasons behind his change of heart.

The major trade unions in the UK have also put their weight behind the Remain camp.

The TUC has said today that one million Britons face having to work longer hours if the UK leaves the EU and scraps the working time directive which restricts the working week to 48 hours unless workers opt out.

TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady said: “The only way working people can be sure of keeping their rights at work is to stay in the EU. Nobody knows exactly how bad things could get for workers’ rights outside of the EU, but the legal experts are all saying it will be worse.”

Elsewhere, Xavier Rolet, the chief executive of the London Stock Exchange, has told the Financial Times “tens of thousands” of jobs in the City could be lost if there is a Leave vote.