Jeremy Corbyn failed to turn up to a single Labour EU Remain meeting, says Chuka Umunna in tirade

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5th July 2016

Jeremy Corbyn and his top team failed to turn up to a single planning meeting of the Labour's official campaign to keep Britain in the European Union, a furious Chuka Umunna has revealed.

Jeremy Corbyn
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In a tirade against the beleaguered Labour leader, the Streatham MP said Mr Corbyn put in “nothing like” the effort he himself did in the fight against Brexit.

Mr Corbyn is currently mired in a civil war with his MPs, which was sparked by their anger at his performance during the EU campaign.

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He has argued that he put the groundwork in, but top Labour In figures have disputed the claim and suggested his office was working against the party's anti-Brexit drive.

Mr Umunna launched the attack at a constituency meeting on Friday night which was caught on video.

“I went to ten boroughs. I went to 12 cities. I did 11 debates. I had to go up against Farage, Boris - all these people,” he said of his efforts in the campaign.

“He [Mr Corbyn] did nothing like that, nothing like that at all.

“When we had our planning meetings, when we had our Labour In planning meetings, we didn’t have anybody from the leader’s office turn up to any single planning meeting that we had for that national campaign.

“None of them turned up.”



Labour grandee Alan Johnson, who chaired the Labour In campaign, laid bare his criticism of Jeremy Corbyn's “risible” performance in the fight last week.

In a letter to colleagues he offered a damning critique of Mr Corbyn's performance in the campaign and claimed those closest to the leader had been thwarting Labour's efforts.

“The lukewarm approach by Jeremy was bad enough but there is no doubt in my mind that at least three of his closest associates in the leader's office were actively undermining the party's efforts,” he wrote.

“They wanted Leave to succeed and at best Jeremy could not control them; at worst he was sympathetic to their views.”

Mr Johnson added: “Either way his performance in the campaign was risible and a taster for what to expect in a general election.

“The fact that he refuses to take any responsibility whatsoever adds insult to injury.”

But Mr Corbyn has insisted he worked hard for a Remain vote, and pointed to the fact that two thirds of Labour voters opted to stay in the EU.