Commons Diary: Kate Hoey

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6th December 2017

From pony tales to endless emails, Kate Hoey’s week sees her mark a sad anniversary, have a grouse about conservation and break some political boundaries

The NI Affairs committee inquiry into the land border between Northern Ireland/ Republic continued with evidence from ministers in the NI Office and DExEU
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A year ago today, on November 28th, my mother died in her 96th year. Fully independent, still driving and 100% engaged with politics I miss her hugely. She wanted to live to see the UK leave the EU and was delighted with the referendum result. Try to keep focused in a busy day.

Have sponsored a meeting for the Professional Paralegal Register. The PPR is the over-arching voluntary regulator providing a voluntary scheme of regulation for all offering legal services in the unregulated market. It is already making a difference.

Chair the Zimbabwe APPG. Amidst the relief that after 37 years in power Mugabe has gone there is concern about how much will really change. Tom Benyon speaks about the Libor grant for ZANE the charity that supports elderly black and white ex British servicemen living in poverty in Zimbabwe.

On Wednesday, I have two select committees. The NI Affairs committee inquiry into the land border between Northern Ireland/ Republic continues with evidence from ministers in the NI Office and DExEU. Nothing new but our chair Andrew Murrison probes forensically. The EU scrutiny committee has regulations churning out – roll on Brexit!!!

A late afternoon meeting with constituents who lobby about Palestinian children held in Israeli prisons. I have signed the EDM.

Evening TRA meeting of Kennington Park estate with Hyde HA. Hyde face a grilling from residents angry at service charges and lack of consultation.

Next day I participate in a panel discussion at the World Horse Welfare conference on the theme of ‘Invisible Horses of the Future’. WHW president, the Princess Royal, begins the day brilliantly full of practical ideas.

Afternoon in the office – e mails are relentless and I recall fondly 1989 – letters arrived and there was time to think and respond. A long night at the annual meeting of my local Party – huge increase in membership and elections for key positions.

The Irish government have made some controversial statements on the land border in time for BBC AQ from Newry on Friday night. EasyJet has made travel to NI much cheaper and Newry is buzzing with the fall in sterling making it a popular shopping venue for cross border visitors.

Monday comes and Northern Ireland/Ireland issues are still in the headlines. Upset a few tweeters by saying that as we don’t want a hard border the only way there will be one is if the EU insists on this and therefore it would have to pay! Pop over to Vauxhall to visit some elderly residents who tell me about their anger that Lambeth Council and TFL want to demolish Vauxhall bus station, a busy and popular interchange. I agree and hope that the secretary of state might call in the planning application. Back to attend a Moorland Association briefing. Just wish all those who condemn grouse shooting would understand the vital role grouse moors play in sustaining local communities and conserving a wide range of bird species.

On Tuesday, I suggest to the secretary of state in the Urgent Question that the EU is causing problems with the land border. Must be right as I am heckled by my own side! Rush down to Brixton to open the new community centre for the Stockwell park estate and praise the role of the volunteers. Then back for vote on Universal Credit which doesn’t happen and over to Waterloo for the local branch Christmas dinner. Land border not on the menu! 


Kate Hoey is Labour MP for Vauxhall