Labour launches anti-Semitism probe into Facebook group Jeremy Corbyn was a member of

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8th March 2018

Labour has launched a probe into claims party members posted anti-Semitic comments on a Facebook group that Jeremy Corbyn was once a member of.

A Labour spokesman insisted Jeremy Corbyn never saw any anti-Semitic posts
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Discussions in the closed Palestine Live group allegedly included conspiracy myths about the Rothschild family and Israeli involvement in 9/11.

It is also alleged that member posted links to neo-Nazi material.

Mr Corbyn was a member of the Palestinian rights group before he became Labour leader in 2015 - but there is no suggestion he made anti-Semitic posts.

A Labour spokesman added that Mr Corbyn was unaware of any anti-Semitic comments.

They said: "Jeremy and the Labour party are implacably opposed to all forms of anti-Semitism and will take whatever necessary action to stamp it out in the Labour party.

"I don't think anyone is suggesting that anything that Jeremy has written in any Facebook group or anywhere else constitutes anti-Semitic comments.

"As I understand it, there were thousands of members of this group. As anyone knows, in social media all sorts of things are posted which often others participating aren't even aware of.

"It is repugnant if there are anti-Semitic posts - and I gather there are. If they involve anyone to do with the Labour Party then investigation and disciplinary action will be taken."

An internal Labour probe in 2016 found although there was sometimes a “toxic atmosphere” around anti-Semitism and racism in the party it was not overrun with the problem.