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Chance UK

2nd Floor, London Fashion Centre
89-93 Fonthill Road, Finsbury Park
N4 3JH
United Kingdom
020 7281 5858 ext. 209

"Watch a video of Chance UK mentor Andrea with mentee, Brandon."

What we do

  • "Chance UK is an early intervention charity that reduces crime and anti-social behaviour through mentoring. Our carefully screened volunteer mentors work with primary school children with behavioural difficulties to improve self-esteem and behaviour."


  • Providing increased stability and consistency in the life of a child.
  • Reducing the isolation vulnerable children and their families may experience.
  • Supporting children to find the motivation, insight and life skills to move forward.
  • Diverting a child’s disruptive/challenging behaviour into projects which encourage a sense of personal achievement and possibility.
  • Supporting a child’s learning by encouraging a sense of discovery and worth.

Values and principles

  • We work within clear and appropriate child protection guidelines and practices.
  • We work to build and strengthen supportive partnerships with individuals and agencies involved in the children’s lives.
  • We provide flexible, individually tailored programmes of early intervention, aimed to directly address the difficulties the child is experiencing.
  • We encourage full participation from identified at-risk children and their parent(s) or carer(s) in our programmes.
  • We create the resources needed to provide successful and developing programmes
  • We identify and draw on a pool of safe, motivated, skilled, and compassionate volunteers.
  • We evaluate our programmes and their effects and make changes where appropriate.
  • We promote equality of opportunity and have non-discriminatory policies and practices.

Latest Press Releases

  • Where is the outrage on poor care quality?

    Responding to Ofsted’s warning on the quality of child social care services in 33 of the 43 councils it inspected last year, early intervention charity Chance UK calls for the public to quiz MPs on how they would improve things.


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