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Chartered Management Institute

2 Savoy Court
United Kingdom
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The leading organisation for professional management

The Chartered Management Institute is the only chartered professional body that is dedicated to management and leadership.

We are committed to raising performance in business by championing management. We do this by supporting and advising individuals and organisations, and by building relationships with policy makers and key influencers in the management profession.

Established over 50 years ago, the Institute has over 80,000 individual members and 450 corporate members.

Institute mission and purpose

The mission of the Institute, as set out in its Royal Charter, is to promote the art and science of management.

The Chartered Management Institute:

  • develops, supports and recognises the skills and achievements of managers throughout their lives
  • works with employers to identify and develop the necessary management and leadership skills that drive performance
  • influences stakeholders to address the challenges that face today’s managers and leaders

The Institute produces influential research reports on the latest management issues, and regular policy surveys of members underpin our deep understanding of the latest management trends. They form the basis for our dialogue with Government and our responses to policy consultations.

The Institute also provides support to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Management, arranging high-level speakers for lively policy debates.

Latest Press Releases

  • ‘Culture Club’ needed for people metrics, says CMI

    The report, "Human Capital Reporting: Investing for sustainable growth", says that improved public reporting on investment in, development and management of people can shine a light on companies’ long-term prospects.

  • Major report outlines plan to defuse ‘ticking time bomb of myopic management’

    Employers across the country need to focus on their “Purpose, People and Potential” to improve the UK’s long-term economic prospects, according to a major new report from a group of leading managers and parliamentarians. The Commission on the Future of Management and Leadership – founded by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Management and the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) – warns that “myopic management” is a millstone around the neck of the economy and is threatening the UK’s global competitiveness.

  • Ethics crisis as “robotically compliant” managers stop caring at work

    Too many managers are robotically following rules rather than making decisions with their hearts and minds, according to new research published today by CMI (the Chartered Management Institute) and MoralDNA™. It warns that workplace cultures dominated by rules, bureaucracy and targets mean that managers are switching off their sense of care for others.

  • Public Sector workers warned not to equate upturn with wage rises

    Workers in the public sector associating news of a more buoyant economy with long-awaited pay rises, team size increases and job moves could be disappointed in 2014, according to a new report from CMI (Chartered Management Institute). While the UK’s managers are generally optimistic about economic prospects for the year ahead, the research conducted with more than 278 public sector managers warns that controlling costs is set to be bosses’ number one priority in 2014, with budgets for outgoings like employee pay and headcounts forecast to hold steady, or face cuts.


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