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Dods Green Deal Dialogue

Dods Green Deal Dialogue
21 Dartmouth Street
United Kingdom0207 593

Dods is working alongside a group of organisations to build a dialogue with DECC around the detail of the Green Deal and how it will impact on them, as well as examining how they can help to make it a success.

Dods is bringing together partner organisations including Land Securities, Velux and the GGF, with wide ranging interests in the Green Deal, and stakeholders from SMEs who will be directly involved in delivering the Green Deal. Working with DECC, we will be delivering a series of events to bring these partners' viewpoints and perspectives on delivery to the attention of DECC and to help the department find answers to questions including:

• What models will work for implementing the Green Deal?
• Will it work in its current format?
• Is the accreditation system going to work?
• What are the barriers to successful implementation?
• How can DECC work with business to get round these barriers?
• How could SMEs become agents for a Green Deal provider?

Included in the dialogue are a series of regional roundtables, a business summit, and parliamentary engagement to understand MPs perspectives.