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National Churches Trust

7 Tufton Street
United Kingdom020 7222 0605info@nationalchurchestrust.org

The National Churches Trust is the national, independent charity dedicated to supporting and promoting places of worship of historic, architectural and community value used by Christian denominations throughout the UK.

The Trust does this through the provision of grants for repairs and modernisation, support, advice and information and campaigning to highlight the cause of church buildings and the value they provide to communities.

The Trust supports buildings of all Christian denominations and covers the whole of the United Kingdom including Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, plus the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. It is the successor to two older charities, the Historic Churches Preservation Trust, founded in 1953 and the Incorporated Church Building Society, founded in 1818.

We receive no income from government or church authorities, and we rely on voluntary contributions from our supporters to undertake our work.

Our key areas of work include:

-Providing grants for the repair, restoration and modernisation of places of worship. Since 2007 we have helped more than 1,000 churches, chapels and meeting houses in the United Kingdom with grants for urgent repairs and to install modern facilities and improve access.

-Supporting projects that enable places of worship to engage with their local communities and keep their buildings open.

-Collaborating closely with other heritage organisations, local churches trusts and volunteer networks across the UK in their support for places of worship.

-Encouraging good management and regular maintenance of places of worship by providing practical advice, support and information.

-Providing new ways of promoting visits to places of worship and bringing a new generation of people into contact with church history and architecture.

-Working to increase awareness among the public and decision makers of the value of places of worship.