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Policy Connect

32-36 Loman Street
United Kingdom
020 7202 8587

Who we are

Policy Connect – the think tank that works with parliamentarians, business and the public sector to help improve policy.

Founded in 1995, we are not-for-profit, cross-party, independent and transparent.

What we do

By working inclusively, we develop policy ideas that are practically achievable and politically possible. To encourage the exchange of ideas, we:

• Conduct evidence-based research informed by the widest possible consultation.
• Run cross-party parliamentary groups on behalf of their parliamentary officers.
• Organise seminars and events for policy-makers and sector representatives.

To find out more, please visit our website and follow us on Twitter.

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Latest Press Releases

  • New report urges Government to give more clarity for power sector beyond 2020

    • Independent, cross-party inquiry highlights ‘sensible middle ground’ in renewables debate and calls for more effort in building cross-party consensus.
    • Inquiry chaired by former energy minister Charles Hendry MP and Baroness Worthington
    • Government should work with industry to narrow the debate by identifying ‘low regrets’ investments for the power sector beyond 2020.
    • UK has only just begun to harness low carbon renewable resources bigger than North Sea oil and gas.
    • New biomass policies are a pragmatic balance between environmental protection, building public confidence and encouraging sector growth, and will help debate move forward.
    • Investing in renewables through electricity bills has ‘hidden’ benefits that could avoid high bills in the long term, make bills more predictable and deliver wider economic benefits.
    • Backing up wind and other varying renewables is a manageable challenge for the UK electricity system with a number of existing and developing technology options.


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