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Road Haulage Association

Roadway House
Bretton Way, Bretton
United Kingdom01932

Members of the Road Haulage Association provide the essential link in almost every supply chain. We connect suppliers with customers and work in all areas of retail and industrial activity. However, our members can only continue to provide this service if their customers give a sensible return on the investment required. That is what value is all about, and our members can provide value by ensuring that their customers receive a high quality service.

The RHA constantly helps its members to be profitable, compliant and sustainable and, in turn, helps them provide the services their customers need.

We have a strong representative role, ensuring that our voice is heard by all those with an interest in, or an influence on, the road haulage industry. This work includes on-going activities, designed to ensure that the significance of the road haulage industry’s role in the UK economy is properly recognised and that policy makers understand that their decisions must be made against a background of proper understanding of our industry.

To achieve this we represent members at local, regional, national and international level

In return for their annual membership fee, members get a wide range of direct benefits including information, advice and guidance delivered personally by an excellent team of area managers, helpdesk operators and specialist managers, and by other including Roadway magazine, RHA’s Road Haulage Manual, electronic newsletters and the National Directory of Hauliers. A key benefit of membership is the RHA’s Conditions of Carriage; exclusive to members and are very widely understood by hauliers, customers and insurance companies. Such is the value of these Conditions, they are now recognised as an ‘industry standard’.

RHA members can also take advantage of a wide range of excusive services. These cover every aspect of running a successful haulage operation, from operator licence audits and contracts of employment to tachograph analysis and legal representation.

RHA members don’t simply run trucks; they run businesses and with the strength of the RHA behind them, we can ensure that they can make the most of their business, whatever the size.