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UK Energy Research Centre

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The UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC) carries out world-class research into sustainable future energy systems, addressing the big questions and uncertainties in the energy field as we move towards a low-carbon future.

As the hub of UK energy research and the gateway between the UK and the international energy research communities, we are a one-stop-shop for anyone seeking the most authoritative, up-to-the-minute information on the energy challenges the UK faces, both now and in the future, or looking to access our unique energy research networks, which bring together worldwide leading names in energy research.

UKERC’s headquarters is hosted by Imperial College London, where we have a full administrative function providing support to 200 researchers, based in over 30 universities and research institutions across the UK.

Our innovative whole-systems, interdisciplinary research programme plays a key role in informing UK policy development and research strategy, and promoting knowledge exchange and debate between the energy research community and other sectors. Our research addresses major issues ranging from the size of the biomass resource, UK smart grid capability and the cost of offshore wind, and is regularly cited by journalists and decision-makers. We advise the UK Government on areas as diverse as electricity market reform, nuclear research and consumption-based emissions reporting.

All UKERC publications and articles can be accessed via our online Publications Catalogue, which you can link to from our homepage,

UKERC's current key research priorities are quantifying the impact of global changes on the UK energy market, and addressing the issue of energy futures uncertainty, at a time when the potential of technologies such as carbon capture and storage and bioenergy is still unknown, and the level of public acceptance unclear.

These research objectives are being addressed within five broad themes, within which a number of co-ordinated, interdisciplinary projects are taking place:

· Energy Demand, led by University of Oxford
· Energy Supply, led by Cardiff University.
· Energy Systems, led by University College London.
· Energy and Environment, led by Plymouth Marine Laboratory.
· Technology and Policy Assessment, led by Imperial College.

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