Fri, 3 December 2021

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Advancing Social Mobility at Work

Advancing Social Mobility at Work

Venue & Event Details

Awareness is building around the business case for addressing social mobility at work. Ability and aptitude, rather than social background, ought to determine the value of a person’s work. Failure to recognise this undermines your competitive advantage by cutting off a huge pool of talent. 

Simple changes, such as adapting recruitment processes, using data effectively, and addressing unconscious bias can make a crucial difference in allowing employees, and therefore your business, to prosper. 

At this event you will be provided with the knowledge and tools necessary to facilitate staff from lower socio-economic backgrounds, and ultimately come away with the actionable insight required to make social mobility in your workplace a reality.

Why attend?
  • Learn how to foster social mobility in your organisation
  • Bring new, innovative ideas about supporting staff from lower socio-economic backgrounds back to your organisation, with the insight needed to put them into practice 
  • Hear about best practice in creating a socially diverse workplace from leading figures
  • Earn a CPD certificate for your personal progression
  • Enjoy an opportunity to network with expert speakers and fellow colleagues




Welcome from Dods D&I

Kiren Kaur, Diversity & Inclusion Manager, Dods D&I


Chair's Opening Remarks


Why does social mobility matter? Championing social mobility and advancing your business 

  • The business case for social mobility at work 

  • Case study: an award-winning organisation shares their social mobility journey 


Comfort Break


Adapting business strategy and practice to advance social mobility 

  • Data: key to assessing your business, driving change and charting progress 

  • Senior management: securing buy-in and increasing accountability   

  • Culture change: embedding social mobility into your organisational DNA 

SPEAKER: Emily Hodgson, Head of Employer Relations and Business Development, The Social Mobility Foundation (SMF)


Comfort Break


Inclusive hiring: addressing barriers to entry and accommodating social diversity 

  • Countering bias and identifying potential: amending criteria to emphasise skills and increase transparency 

  • Providing Access: attracting talent through targeted schemes and partnerships 

  • Experienced hires: ensuring that social mobility initiatives and access extends beyond graduate recruitment 


Comfort Break



Intersectionality at Work: Understanding how social mobility and other diversity dimensions can intersect 


Break for Lunch


Spotlight on apprenticeships: nurturing talent trained to fill your needs 

  • Examining the business benefits of apprenticeships  

  • Designing, delivering and evaluating a successful apprenticeship scheme 


Comfort Break


Keynote Address:

Advancing progress: ensuring opportunity for employees of all socio-economic backgrounds 

  • Ensuring meaningful career development for staff of lower socio-economic backgrounds 

  • Providing clear pathways to progression for staff early in careers 

  • Facilitating mentoring, sponsorship and networking for staff of all backgrounds 

SPEAKER: Liz Williams MBE, CEO, FutureDotNow, Social Mobility Commissioner


Comfort Break


Panel Discussion: 

Making headway: forging the path to a socially mobile and inclusive workplace 

  • Combatting the cultural barriers and biases often faced by staff from lower socio-economic backgrounds 

  • Ensuring that progress on social mobility is part of your organisational mindset 


Chair's Closing Remarks


Event Close


Date & time
Thursday 17th June 2021 09.15 - 16.15
London & Online
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