Mon, 15 August 2022

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Can departmental data sharing really transform citizen services?

Can departmental data sharing really transform citizen services?

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The government unveiled the first ever National Data Strategy 18 months ago, which proposed a vision to “maintain the high watermark of data use set during the pandemic”. 

Departments’ response to coronavirus certainly encompassed some exceptional examples of the power of -sharing, including the delivery of online support services for the clinically vulnerable and the rollout of the vaccine programme. 

The strategy’s ambition to build on such innovations is laudable. But data professionals both within Whitehall and beyond continue to face familiar challenges in making the most effective use of public services data. 

Obstacles can include a lack of common standards and consistent terminology, a need for support from ministers and senior officials, and a culture that remains hesitant to share data beyond departmental boundaries – except in an emergency. 

In this webinar event, hosted by Civil Service World and SAS, Intel & Capgemini, our expert panel whether the right foundations are in place to support plans for government’s use of data, how examples of best practice can be built upon, and what essential groundwork still needs to be done to make good on ministers’ lofty ambitions.

Discussion topics will include:

  • The role of the National Data Strategy, and whether it focuses on the right areas
  • The extent to which departments need support from the centre of government – including the role of the Central Digital and Data Office and the Government Digital Service
  • What cultural change is needed to better enable data-sharing, and whether the pandemic has helped in this regard
  • The role of commons standards and consistent terminology
  • Ensuring transparency and public support for data-sharing
Date & time
19 July 2022 10.00am - 11.00am
Virtual event
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