Sun, 23 January 2022

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[email protected] Parliamentary Reception: The next 150 years of engineering

IET@150 Parliamentary Reception: The next 150 years of engineering

Venue & Event Details

[email protected] Parliamentary Reception: The next 150 years of engineering
Wednesday 1st December 2021 | House of Commons


The Institution of Engineering and Technology is celebrating 150 years during 2021. As part of the celebrations, we are hosting a Parliamentary Reception celebrating 150 years of the IET, but, more importantly, looking to the next 150 years with a focus on the Future of Engineering – more diversity, more sustainability, more youngsters and apprentices in engineering – and encouraging a greater understanding of the potential of the sector.

Dods Events offer MPs and Peers the opportunity to engage face-to-face with key sector representatives. From key policy asks, to programmes and campaigns, to issues that directly affect your constituents - our aim is to help educate you and your staff.

Please note this event is invite only. For further information on [email protected] Parliamentary Reception please email [email protected]