Sun, 14 August 2022

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Neurodiversity at Work: Thinking Differently & Supporting Unique Talents

Neurodiversity at Work: Thinking Differently & Supporting Unique Talents

Venue & Event Details

Tuesday, 22nd February 2022 | Online

Operating in a world which was not designed for you can present significant challenges. Neurodivergent staff and jobseekers are often disadvantaged by traditional systems which organisations have in place. 

Failing to address these barriers puts your organisation at a significant disadvantage, given neurodiversity presents unique competitive advantages in the workplace. Talents associated with neurodivergence include an exceptional ability to spot patterns, increased creativity and problem- solving skills. 

At ‘Neurodiversity at Work’, you will receive expert insight into different forms of neurodiversity (such as autism, dyslexia, dyspraxia and ADHD) and the unique attributes associated with each. Through workshops, case studies, and personal perspectives, you will be provided with the understanding needed to create a neurodiverse workplace that enables both staff and business to thrive. 

This event is CPD-Certified and will contribute to your professional development.

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Why attend?
  • Learn how to recruit, manage and support neurodivergent staff, ensuring that they have equal opportunities to progress and flourish within your organisation
  • Bring new, innovative ideas on increasing neurodiversity in your workplace back to your organisation, with the insight needed to put them into practice 
  • Hear from leading figures about how to educate staff and foster understanding of neurodiversity within your organisation
  • Earn a CPD certificate for your personal progression
  • Enjoy an opportunity to network with top speakers and your peers
Date & time
Tuesday, 22nd February 2022 09.00 - 15.30
London & Online
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