Thu, 11 August 2022

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Factfiles, Position Statements and Briefings

The Institution of Engineering & Technology has drawn upon the expertise of its members to produce a number of factfiles, position statements and briefings on a wide range of topics, including the health effects of mobile phones, nuclear power, colour blindness, RFID, and many more.

These factfiles are designed to provide unbiased information in an informative way for IET members and the general public.

A list of IET Factfiles with brief abstracts can be viewed.

IET Factfiles
To view these documents you will need Adobe, you can download a free version of Adobe (Adobe Reader) from the Adobe website.


Contacting the emergency services in the digital age
Demand attentive networks
Emergency services mobile communications programme
Engineering the future of communications - 2013

Education and Skills

Transforming Engineering Education – report on the 1st year of the Engineering Diploma
Studying Stem – what are the barriers?
Engineering & Technology Skills Surveys (2006 - present)
Electrician technician registration in the UK

Energy and Environment

Combined Heat and Power (CHP)
Distributed Generation
Fuel Cells
Nuclear Power
Renewable Energy
Smart Grids
Electricity storage

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) for Functional Safety

EMC for Functional Safety Document
Check lists
Introductory managers guide to EMC for functional safety
Overview of techniques and measures related to EMC for Functional Safety

Health and Safety

Colour Vision Defects Factfile
Electrical safety
Health and Safety Briefings (over 70 on various health and safety topics)

Information and Technology

Identity Management: Myths and Realities
Radio Frequency Identification Devices (RFID)
IT Procurement Best Practice Guidelines
Computer Based Safety Critical Systems
Cloud computing series
Open source software


Unlocking the potential of business and manufacturing
Engineering an industrial strategy
Manufacturing briefing
UK manufacturing and the green investment bank
Fostering UK high tech growth through public procurement

Mobile phones, Pylons and Health

Possible Health Effects of Power Lines, Mobile Phones and Base Stations
Position Statement on the Possible Health Effects of Low Level Electromagnetic Fields


Local authority guide to emerging transport technology
Road user charging
Rebound: the unintended consequences of transport policy
The lifestyle implications of electric vehicle adoption
Can we really do more at less cost with the UK road network?

Submissions to government

Consultation in progress
Archive of Submissions to UK government, Devolved Administrations, European Commission and other agencies

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