Fri, 19 April 2024

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Skills Outlook: Skills Map of England

Pearson’s Skills Outlook provides vital insight into the immediate needs of the modern workforce, to help employers and employees stay relevant and adaptable for the long term. We know that regional workforces are facing significant technological change, and localised insights can help us to navigate this.

Using Skills Outlook data, we have created our first Skills Map, looking at the nine regions in England. We explored which jobs are expanding and declining across different sectors. We also looked at the current skills in demand from employers, as well as those growing in importance.

What we found is that, while there is certainly change ahead, automation does not necessarily mean fewer jobs – it means different jobs.

Pearson’s report, gathering data from the nine regions to highlight changing skills needs at a local level in the next five years, found that we do expect a significant technological impact on the jobs that survive and thrive. However, this change is predominantly about job transition, not job loss.

Pearson makes three key recommendations for policymakers, as they plan for the years ahead:

  • Further devolve skills and employment funding to combined authorities - Different localities have different skills needs, changes and gaps, which each require a bespoke approach.
  • Act now, to help the workforce adapt - There is an immediate need to support those in roles at risk, and to consider how these people can be upskilled to meet the needs of the growing sectors of the economy.
  • Use data to plan for the future - Evidence-led policy making will deliver the most effective outcomes.

You can find more information and our skills map of England here.

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